Sunday, 17 November 2019

Retro gas stove - Field Test (raw footage)

This is the "straight from the cam" footage from today's little expedition - just compressed to bring down the file size! (I had to compress it a LOT to get it from 3GB to under 100MB! - it was shot in 1080, but here you see it in about 1/4 resolution, with a lot of detail loss)
I cycled about five-and-a-half miles (about 9km) to a nice little rustic "picnic" table on a nearby trail.
I ate the noodle/pasta mix out there - I boiled a bit too much water, so I had it "ramen style" (with "soup") rather than "pasta style" (with sauce).

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Saturday, 20 April 2019

New Toy - the 4k action cam - trip to the shops.

I have a 4k cam.
so this is just a test of it.
(downsized to 720, low-quality for uploading, although I shot it all in 4k)

 shot it as 4k timelapse for the trip to the shops, and 4k 30fps on the way back.
I slowed down the timelapse section afterwards in video-editing software, and speeded up the 30fps section.

Video size seems to be a real issue - i tried making the clip 1080 and high quality ... and came up with a 275MB file size!
Meanwhile, the original (4k) footage from the action cam comes in at about 3.3GB. Yes ... Gigabytes!

It would appear that I might have to think about a RAID array of big fat hard disks just to store my 4k footage!, toys, boys

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Old Man Gears for an Old Man?

new bling - a Shimano HG-500-10 cassette is now on my bike

Since I went for super-short cranks, I have had a bit of a hill problem.
My 175mm cranks had a triple ring setup, and I used to run 48, 34, 26, along with my 11-32 SRAM PG850 cassette.

The 145mm cranks I switched to (MUCH easier on my ageing right knee) are only a "double) at 48, 34.

So my "crawling up a hill" gearing had gone from 26f/32r (= 0.8125) to 34f/32r (= 1.0625) - a rise in gearing of 30%

Hmm, I thought to myself.
I have friction shifters (so I don't have to worry about indexing), and a "long-cage" derailleur (a Shimano RD-591), so, maybe I just need a new cassette and chain, give everything else a clean up, fiddle with the b-screw, reset the High and Low stops on the derailleur, and job done?

Sort of ;-)

Still got a (slow) half-marathon in me!

I'm still here
More than two years since the crash (in which I badly broke my shoulder), I am mostly "back to normal".
Or course, I am still in my 50s, so I have the issues from that ;-)

Anyway, while a basic test of fitness might be something like a Cooper Test (run one mile in twelve minutes - and, no, it isn't very hard), a better test of my current ability might be just how far can I run.

So I did.
Two days ago -  and here it is on Strava (at top of post, and here: