Saturday, 23 May 2020

"Lockdown" Exercise last weekend (with Katya)

We just took a short spin out along the Waddesdon Greenway and back.
We left a bit after 8 am in order to avoid most folks (who were still in bed at that time on a Sunday morning).
Anyway, I will let the pictures tell the story ...

Not many folks about - which is good

Leaving Watermead

Through the new-ish park at the bottom of the Buckingham Park housing area

then the park behind Meadowcroft/Quarrendon

The bridge under the railways marks the start of the Greenway

Waddesdon Greenway - still not many folks about

More Waddesdon Greenway

We stopped for a quick snack half way (about 6 miles - 9.6 km from home)
Back under the railway bridge on the way home

My daughter surging in front on the small hill up to the top of the Buckingham Park housing area.
The excellent walking/cycle path runs adjacent to Martin Dalby Way.
From the top of the hill. it is downhill, then up another small hill, then we are home!

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