Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dark nights

I use the dynamo lighting that came with my little folding bike - it is cheap and cheerful :-)
Using the dynamo seems

to cost me about one-half of a gear (that is to say using the dynamo in 2nd gear seems as hard as cycling in a gear between 2nd and 3rd!).
But I also supplement the meagre lighting of the dynamo setup with battery powered lights front and back.
I also wear a bright yellow jacket with reflective bands on it (it is a class 3 jacket, for those of you familiar with British reflective jackets! - long-sleeved, yellow, and with retro-reflective tape strips on it)

Furthermore, over my trousers I wear yellow trouser clips/bands with built in flashing red LED lamps set into them.
I may look like a mobile Christmas decoration, but at least folk can see me!