Sunday, 11 December 2011

Buying a bike - part three

"But", you might say, "all the 'good' bikes at my local bike store have disk brakes and suspension, front, rear or both. Are you saying that these are not better than no suspension and rim brakes like my grandfather had on his bike? Has 'progress' led us nowhere? Are all these features just 'fashion'?"

Well, have a look at a typical modern Tour de France bike. These are big money bikes which use the best bits for the job they are trying to achieve. Do you see suspension? Do you see disk brakes?
Suspension adds weight and some riders like light bikes. Tour de France riders like light bikes too! Then remember that they ride on the road, not across fields and through woodland. When they come hurtling down the side of a mountain, they do it on the road, not on a rutted gravel path.
Disk brakes add weight, too, and the roads are closed for the Tour de France, so they don't have to stop suddenly at junctions.
Their bikes suit the type of riding they do. That doesn't mean it is the sort of riding you or I do, though!

So ask yourself what sort of riding you do.
And get a bike for YOUR needs, not for mine, or for someone else's. For YOUR needs.

Happy pedalling!