Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Cycling Family

multi-modal transport - it's why I own a folding bike!
Today, all three of us have already all used our bikes, and it is not yet 9 a.m.!

I was the first - I folded up my little Cinzia folding bicycle and put it in the boot (trunk) of our car (automobile).
Drove down to the dealers for the annual service on the car.
Unfolded the bike, and cycled home.

When the car is finished, I'll cycle back down on my folder and pick it up.
Multimodal transport!
Quick, convenient, practical :-)

Anna and Katya did the "school run" on their bikes today. They usually cycle, unless the weather forecast is very wet, when they walk instead, with Katya often taking her folding scooter.
We only use our car for the school run a couple of times a year - it is very unusual for us! I suppose a dozen times a year or so Anna and Katya cadge a lift from another mum doing the "school run" by car, but the rest of the time, it is "under their own steam".

Later today, Anna and I are intending to go shopping on our bikes. There is some fish on offer at a supermarket on the other side of town, so we will go there and have a look and get some general groceries at the same time. We may well stop off at another, smaller, supermarket on the way home, and we will probably peruse a few other shops (stores), too, while we are out.
We will, of course, be taking our pair of excellent "Bike Bins" plastic panniers (reviewed here) with us.

Bicycles are great for visiting several locations in a town - no messing about with parking and traffic and parking fees etc. etc.

So I guess we are a cycling family!

Update: September 2016

4 1/2 years on, and we all still love cycling!

These are our current rides:

Our current bikes - a Btwin Elops 300 for our daughter, a Btwin Hoprider 300 for me, and a Challenge Meander for my wife.

Anna still uses a bike to get the groceries, I still ride to work on a bike, and our daughter now goes to a school not so good for cycling to, but she still likes to ride at the weekends.