Sunday, 5 May 2013

The summer is coming ... getting the shopping

Out shopping on the bike again yesterday.

The bag of shopping went into the two lockable panniers, with a bit of space left over, then off to a second shop to complete the trip, refilling the shopping bag and putting it in the front basket.
You can also see my nice "Steco" front rack and "Shimano" hub dynamo in this picture.

Total disposable shoppping bags used = none
Total petrol/diesel used = none
Total weight of shopping = c. 10kg (that about 22 lbs)
Total journey length = about three miles (about 5 km)
Total shops visited = 2 (Sainsbury's and Lidl)
Total money spent = about 30 pounds (a bit less than 50 dollars)

For short shopping trips it really makes sense to use a bike, not a motor vehicle!
And if I can do it on my rubbish little bike, think how much easier it will be for you!
The summer is coming, so get out and cycle.
I cycled right through the snow and ice and rain of the winter.
But I'm only asking you to cycle in the summer, so
the summer is coming, so get out and cycle!

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