Thursday, 3 October 2013

UPCOMING: bike pump mega test.

I will shortly (in a week or two) be posting multiple test results on my growing collection of bicycle pumps.

I have another "track" pump on the way - the courier should deliver it tomorrow.
It is from the Edinburgh Biccycle Co-operative.
I already have a cheap Lidl (a German supermarket chain) track pump, and a track pump from Argos.
"Track" pumps from Revolution (own brand of Edingburgh Cycle Cooperative),
Muddy Fox (a mass-produced brand owned by Universal Cycles),
and Crivit (own brand of Lidl GmbH, a European supermarket chain).
Also shown is a Crivit mini-pump.

I also have a mini-pump from Lidl, and a regular 2-chamber car (automobile) foot pump.

All our bikes have Schraeder valves on the tyres (tires) - that's a "car-" ("auto-") type valve, and recommended pressures of, variously, 45 to 70 psi (about 3 bar to 5 bar), so the tests and reports will be aimed at that, rather than their performance on high pressure valves (such as "Woods") or skinny high pressure tyres.
As with all my test reports, it is real equipment I have bought with my own, real, money, and it is tested to reflect the way we use stuff, not some theoretical manufacturer's testing program on a borrowed piece of equipment.

The test is here

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