Saturday, 30 November 2013

Time for a change?

 I'm looking for another folding bike.

My beloved Cinzia (really just a cheap U-frame 3-speed folder) has suffered a serious structural failure after about 20 years of ownership :-(

I could weld it, but I'm not a welder, so the time and cost of all that could be put towards a replacement.
I have a great affection for my Cinzia, but it is not a cost-effective repair (!)

Surely I could get a replacement for less money?

Any suggestions?

I don't want anything too expensive, or too modern.
A bike to be ridden, not to be kept in showrooom condition.
And I like to ride something a bit "different".

My bike mustn't be particularly valuable, or desirable, as it gets left outside at work all day, although it does get garaged at night (the bikes get better treatment than the car (automobile) in our household!)

A Peugeot NS folder, maybe (?) for example (odd wheel sizes, and I bet it has french pedals, but that can all be part of the perverse charm of owning an oddity, says the man with the 36mm Italian bottom bracket on my Cinzia!)

Don't suggest anything you would be horrified that I had later modified - I like the modern comforts like hub dynamos and led front lights and luggage!

Any Ideas?

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