Monday, 25 August 2014

Shopping by bike, in the rain

Mermaid ready for the shopping trip
The left-hand pannier is a lockable box pannier from Bike Bins,
whilst the right-hand pannier is an open-topped Pacific Outdoor
CoOp pannier.

I locked the panniers to the rack, just to be on the safe side.

Aldi used to have more bike parking,
but, as you can see, as they have
become ever more popular, they have
started putting the extra trolleys in the
bike parking!

On the other side of the road is Lidl, which has
a promotion on cycle stuff. New lights for the
Winter and a new saddle for me should do it!

My Air saddle is rather worn, so time for a new one!

Down the belt at the checkout in Lidl goes my shopping

All loaded up.
The Pacific Outdoor pannier is rather overloaded, but it got home OK

My nice cork grips are a bit wet

One of my favourite short-cuts.
It takes me from the main road and through
a quiet residential street.

well, the top of my shorts stayed dry ...
The Pacific Outdoor Pannier weighs in at 11.3 kg (about 25 lbs)
While the BikeBins pannier comes in at 7 kg (about 15 lbs)
And here's the stuff I got, showing what went onto each pannier!

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