Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lidl lights failure

Remember these?
My great new lights from Lidl?

The front light has failed.
I have only had them for about three months, and have used them almost daily for the last two.

The problem is the switch on the front light, which has fallen apart.

It is a pity, as they were lovely bright lights, especially the front one.
I know that a lot of manufacturing is about sourcing low-cost parts to keep the overall product cost down, but I am annoyed that the light failed for the sake of an extra few pence (cents) for a better switch.

On the bright side, at least the mount fits an older Lidl halogen light we have, so that is mounted on my bike at the moment. But it is nowhere near as bright.
It is OK for general riding, but not really bright enough to illiminate potholes etc :-(

As for the LED light - that's going into my "projects box". Maybe I'll replace the switch when I have time.

An older, halogen, light from Lidl mounted on the bracket from the new LED
light that failed. The halogen light is OK, but it is only half as bright !!!

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