Tuesday, 16 June 2015

5 days to the London to Brighton - training review

It is Tuesday evening.
Sunday is the 2015 BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride.
Am I ready?

Time to review the training I have done earlier in the year.

I'm only going to count the rides that are 50 km and above, although, of course, all the shorter ones add up too!

8th February, 52.1 km, with 584m of climbing
4th March, 51.1 km, with 294m of climbing
5th April, 61.2 km, with 606m of climbing
26th April, 64.5 km, with 447m of climbing
10th May, 112.8 km, with 929m of climbing
17th May, 61.2 km, with 646m of climbing
7th June, 115.5 km, with 949m of climbing
14th June, 61.2 km, with 772m of climbing

The London to Brighton ride is only about 86 or 87 km long,
It only has two climbs worth of note:
Turners Hill and Ditchling Beacon.
9% average grade for Ditchling Beacon, with a 133m rise.
That's why its nickname is "Heartbreak Hill".

But, hey, I rode the London to Brighton last year on a 3-speed, so I have something of an advantage this year!
I actually got up Turner's Hill on the 3-speed last year (but only just!), and the fittest member of our team got up Ditchling Beacon on his 3-speed, too. I walked up most of it :-)
This year I have 24 speeds, with a lowest gear of just 21 inches, compared with a low of about twice that last year!

So, I've done the training (2 "centuries" and 6 "half-centuries" this year), I've got the bike set up right, and now I just have to do the ride!

But notice how I built up to the ride for a good few months beforehand.
Folks who start training a monthbefore an event are leaving it all rather too late!

My "training" for this week is to eat a balanced diet, with quite a lot of "carbs" in it, and get plenty of sleep. It is important to start an event in the best possible condition, not exhausted from last-minute training attempts.

I'm hoping to complete the course in less that 5 hours.
I completed the 100km course of the Tour de Vale in 5 hrs 22 mins and 55 seconds, 9 days ago, and the London to Brighton is about 13 or 14% shorter, although the route can be VERY congested, so I think 5 hours is about right.
Let's see how I get on!
If you want to sponsor me, then you can do so here.

As for my weight:
My weight has gone up just a touch recently.
That is probably down to my taking a rest week before big events, to make sure my body is fully rested.
I certainly don't diet the week before an event, and I am deliberately trying to eat a variety of "carb" types to make sure that my muscle glycogen is in tip-top condition "on the day".
I did the same for the week before the Tour de Vale (marked on the graphic), and it worked well - I managed to cycle all the hills, with no pushing!
I will pick up the running again a week or so after the London to Brighton ride.

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