Thursday, 29 October 2015

Newsflash: lightest weight for 15 years

This morning I weighed in, as usual.
What was unusual was the weight - just 87.8kg (193 lbs).
I had a cup of tea, and then sat down and used my tablet for a few hours.
I reweighed, and I was down to 87.5kg!
I've left it as 87.8 kg in my notebook, though.
(Any real weight gains/losses will show up after a while, even with inconsistent measurement, but I normally get up, weigh, eat, go to work, so, for me, the first, higher, weigh-in is the "honest" one.)
That is the first time I have been under 88 kg for at least 15 years!
Indeed, the first time I have dropped under 89kg in that period was just last week!
I started the year on 96.5kg (212 lbs) on January 1st.
So that is 8.7kg (19 lbs) down this year.
I tend to slowly revise down my target weight.
When I started on January 1st, the "target" was about 94.5kg (the weight I had dropped to the previous Summer).
When I passed that, I had an informal number of about 90kg in mind.
Now I seem to be reliably past that 90kg number, I would like to be down to 85kg, the weight I was in the Summer of '98.
But Christmas is coming, and the metaphorical goose is getting fat - let's hope I don't follow suit!
Here goes!

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