Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Virtue is it's own reward?

Those of you that are regular readers will remember me posting about having a blood test and getting results that were a bit shaky for cholesterol etc. Not really bad, just a bit shaky.
Well, I had the follow-up test.
And here are the results:

First test ("before" the diet much lower in saturated fat)
13 October 2015
Height 188 cm
Weight (almost naked!) 90.9 kg
Total serum cholesterol 6.9 mmol/L
Serum HDL 1.3 mmol/L
Total:HDL ratio 5.3
HBAC1 (a test for diabetes) 37 mmol/mol

Second test (the "after" result)
29th March 2016
Height 188cm
Weight 83.4 kg
Total serum cholesterol 5.2 mmol/L
HDL 1.2 mmol/L
Ratio 4.4
HBAC1 34 mmol/mol

The "ideal" results would be:
Total serum cholesterol under 5
HDL more than 1
Ratio 4 or less
HBAC1 20 to 42.

So you can see my "new" results are far from perfect.

But losing 7.5kg in weight (about 16.5 lbs) between the two tests has improved my "headline" cholesterol numbers from being nearly 40% over the target to being just 4% over the target.
My Total:HDL ratio has improved from being more than 30% over the target to being just 10% over.
And the diabetes test showed that my figures improved a bit there, too, even though the previous figure was within the range of "normal".

Of course, I had already lost nearly 6 kilos (about 13 lbs) between the start of my attempts to lose weight and the first test.
So the figures back at the start of 2015 would likely have been a touch worse.

So the reward of losing weight is not just about vanity and speed on my bike.
The blood tests show there are real health benefits to be gained, too!

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