Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Weight Revisited

I haven't said whether it is my weight or the bike's weight I am revisiting.
Which brings me to an important point.
Weight is weight.
You or the bike.
It counts the same.
Anyway, this time it is bike weight.
I managed to get my tools and first aid kit down to what I can get in a little pouch. That filled pouch weighs 600g.
Sounds heavy, right?
It is replacing a pannier weighing 1.5 kg.
Furthermore, removing the pannier from my load requirements means I now no longer need the pannier rack, so that is even more saved.
Anyway, the bike is down to 14.2 kg now.
I reckon I can get food, water and tools down to 5kg.
So that in 19.2 kg plus rider.
Losing the pannier will save me a little wind drag, too!
It is Wednesday evening now, and I am about to go to bed.
Important to get good sleep!

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