Sunday, 17 November 2019

Retro gas stove - Field Test (raw footage)

This is the "straight from the cam" footage from today's little expedition - just compressed to bring down the file size! (I had to compress it a LOT to get it from 3GB to under 100MB! - it was shot in 1080, but here you see it in about 1/4 resolution, with a lot of detail loss)
I cycled about five-and-a-half miles (about 9km) to a nice little rustic "picnic" table on a nearby trail.
I ate the noodle/pasta mix out there - I boiled a bit too much water, so I had it "ramen style" (with "soup") rather than "pasta style" (with sauce).

I boiled about a litre of water, which was enough for the instant pasta/noodles mix AND hot chocolate.
The box contains instant hot chocolate powder and Coffemate, blended about 2 to 1.
I was pretty full after the pasta/noodles, and the hot chocolate was still rather hot (I made it in an insulated "food flask"), so I actually brought that home, and I am drinking that now.

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