Friday, 17 August 2012

Bit of shopping

Last night, after work, I popped into one of the supermarkets in town.
Just got a few bits in my front basket.
Then home again.

Today's shop - a half a gallon (imperial) of milk (2.2 litres), potatoes, cartons of orange juice, and (underneath the juice - out of sight) a can of baked beans and a can of peas.
This is what a bike is ideal for - those trips when you just want a few bits

    Yesterdays's shop - bread, cheese, fish
    The trip before - bread, milk, biscuits, pasties, grapes,
    and (out of sight under the grapes) plums
  • no parking worries
  • no fuel costs
  • The trip before that - bread, apple juice, blueberries,
    a "quorn"-based vegetarian readymeal,
    a comic/magazine for my daughter, and a plant
    (a hosta for my "hydroponic hosta" experiment)
  • no traffic congestion and "going the long way round" because of traffic routings.
Foe me, it is just out of work, cross at the crossing, up a minor road, through the "no cars" area in the centre of town, along the cycle route past the bus station, down the hill, and I'm there.
Unclip the basket, fill as required, pay, reattach basket, and cycle home.
Job done.

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