Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bicycle Review: Hello Kitty 20" wheel girl's bike.

Hello Kitty 20" Bike.
The two-legged centre stand is an aftermarket accessory,
and not part of the standard equipment

This review has been written for me by my friend "CycleGirl", who is 10 years old, and lives in the South-East of England.

There are reasons I like my bike and reasons I don’t like it. Here they are…

I like the design. My bike has a Hello Kitty design and I think it looks pretty.
I like having a basket. It is good for putting my school bag in it.
I like that it has no gears because I never get the hang of them. I can never understand which one does what.
Hello Kitty 20" wheel bike,
compared to my Cinzia folding bike which also has 20" wheels

These are the things I dislike about my bike.

I don’t like the way that my handle bars curve downwards even though the basket isn’t attached to that part. It isn’t like my old bike that just had a straight line but I probably just haven’t got used to it yet.
Basket is included, but centre stand isn't.
It is not good for riding over grass because it makes the ride really bumpy, even bumpier than my old bike.
Although I think my bike is nice, some of the other girls in my class think that people my age shouldn’t be going round on bikes like that.

My conclusion is that my bike is great but it could still be better. What do you think?

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