Thursday, 7 February 2013

My bicycle - an update

Just bringing you up to date on what is what here at Pedal Pusher Mansions!

I've got a package coming from Holland for our bikes with a few goodies in it.
There is
So I'll keep you posted as it arrives  - I know some of you will be particularly interested in the hub dynamo!

The old, broken, pedal in my hand, with the spare pedal I fitted instead - nearly a match!
You can see one of Anna's nice metal pedals in the background.

Anyway, using my bike every day causes some bits to wear out - I broke a pedal a month or so ago, but I replaced it with a cheap pedal from a "teen" bike that had the same thread - there are not that many different sizes for pedals, fortunately!

I have also broken another rear spoke (that is as well as the two I have already replaced - I really have to think about getting a 36 spoke rear wheel for my bike to replace the lightweight 28 spoke wheel that came as standard - "lightweight" wheels aren't that good for moving my bulk and the shopping!

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