Sunday, 15 December 2013

Buying a Bike - Part II. Other Opinions

Much as we all like to think we know best, it never does any harm to ask other people what they think.
Some new ideas can come up, and lead you into an avenue of thought that you might not have ventured down.

If you remember, I had a list of ideas from Part I (links in Part I!)
  • a traditional Gazele
  • a Surly Pugsley
  • a Montague Paratrooper
  • a stainless steel Di Blasi
  • something from the local independent bike shop
  • something from the big chainstore in the town
My contacts suggested several other folding bike makes I should think about
  • a Japanese Sugimura
  • several models of Dahon
  • a Graziella
  • a Citizenbike Miami
Other options include
  • something a bit oddball, like a used Peugeot NS
  • the "Best of British" - a Brompton
  • a Tern folding bike (a breakaway from Dahon)
  • a cheap, used, ebay replacement for Cinzia
  • another new Cinzia - after all, I had the first one for 20 years!
So the list is starting to fill out.
If you have a new idea, don't be afraid to work that into your considerations.

I have 12 or more ideas already, and most of them are for folding bikes!
It is just that after having a folder for so long, I just found it so handy.

I would put it in the boot (trunk) of the car (automobile) when I drove to the garage for a service or an annual safety check. then I would cycle home while the garage did their work. Then I would cycle back to the garage later to pick the car (automobile) up again, folding the bike up and putting it in the back, then driving home. It always seemed to me to be a very civilised way of doing things.

I measured the space up next to my desk at work - there is a space about 750mm (L) x 750mm (W) x about 1200mm (H) available, and a well placed steel desk leg nearby for locking things to.

I have not definitely decided on getting a foding bike yet, but if I am getting one, it would be handy if it goes into that space!

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