Sunday, 29 December 2013

Myth and Reality: I read it on the Internet - Peugeot bikes have "gas-pipe tubing"

We probably have all heard some folks dismissing Peugeots as "gas-pipe" bikes, sold on the reputation of their racing team (who used very different bikes themselves)
Well ... it depends on which Peugeot you get.

Here is the Peugeot catalogue from 1986, with everything from the PZ and PX models weighing about 21 lbs (with 531 tubing and lots of campagnola super record parts on the the PZ), right up to the P4 models at 28 lbs, and built down to a price, rather than up to a standard.
So, there we are.
21lbs or 28 lbs.
Top spec, or "gas-pipe" - Peugeot built both in the 1980s.
And a lot of models in between,

The other thing to be aware of with Peugeots is that many of them have "French" pedal threads, with both pedals unscrewing in the same direction (rather than the "Left" and "Right" threaded pedals found on most bikes).
I am informed that this was general French practice in the 1980s, with Peugeot, Motobecane, Lejeune and Gitanes all following this practice. (It was a long-term Motobecane user, who still rides an '80s Motobecane that I discussed it with).
However, It appears that Peugeot UK, when importing bikes into Britain, commonly changed the crank arms for ones with "normal" pedal threads, so both types of pedal threading may be encountered!

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