Sunday, 5 January 2014

January Challenges Day 4 - up and down

My commute was nowhere near long enough to meet the challenge targets, so I first took the scenic route home from work, going over the Bourg Walk bridge from the town centre.
I then following the right hand-branch of the cycle route down to the Oxford Road, passing under it through the underpass, then back up the Oxord road, through a housing estate, back round under the Bourg Walk, through the town centre (again), up through Kingsbury Square, then out on the cycle route towards Watermead, before turning up to the Bierton road, and doing five up and down runs of the cycle path there from St Osyth's Well to the roundabout at Douglas Road.

The cycle path at Bierton is a good bit of tarmac without many side turnings, so I was able to achieve a reasonable distance in a modest time, before the drizzle came on again, so I turned for home, having completed my target mileage.

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