Sunday, 28 September 2014

End of Summer

Past the Equinox now, and Autumn is well underway.

It has been dark on the way to work for a few weeks now, but I am enjoying the light from my new headlight.

It was quite a Summer - first there was the
London to Brighton Bike Ride on old Post Office bikes.
Then I rebuilt Mermaid
And I did my first "century" ride
On the "Home Front", I have a new, larger, shopping pannier,
which means I have been doing my biggest trips to the grocery store too!
So, all in all, a great, and varied, year, with the other main highlight being when I broke the original cranks on Mermaid, and used a set of short 152mm cranks from a "teen" bike as a stop-gap fill-in until I got the parts for the rebuild of Mermaid mentioned above.
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Wonder what else I can squeeze in during the next three months before Christmas?

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