Sunday, 5 October 2014

A New Section of Cycle Route

The new Western Link Road links the A41 and the A413 on the North-West of Aylesbury, in South-Easy England.
A wide dual use (cycle and pedestrian) pathway was built adjacent to the road as part of the project, and both the pathway
and the road opened at the same time. With a 2.2 km stretch with NO SIDE TURNINGS OR JUNCTIONS (!!!) this has become instantly popular with Strava Athletes, some of whom appear to have sneaked in to the construction site, as they have posted results BEFORE the route was officially opened!
The new route joins the Berryfield housing area with
the Buckingham Park / Weedon Hill housing area.

The new route gives a MUCH safer pedestrian and cycle route for the
children living in the Buckingham Park area to get to school (their school,
a nice newly-built one, is in the Berryfields area)

A nice new bridge crossing the lower river/flood plain area between Berryfields and Buckingham Park.
 As well as the cycle infrastructure provided by the road itself, it also seems to have lowered the amount pf peak hours traffic in the central area of the town by a bit as well, which is an additional bonus for cyclists and pedestrians. However, the roads at the end where the new link road comes out on the A413 (i.e. Weedon Road, Douglas Road and Oakfield Road) have become more busy as the traffic that has diverted North from the town centre rejoins the existing road network to continue their journeys,

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