Thursday, 30 October 2014

Commuter issues: staff bike parking

We popped up to IKEA in Milton Keynes yesterday, and we were suitably impressed with the locked compound there for bicycles owned by the staff (workers/colleagues/whatever).
The covered, locked, "staff" bike compound at IKEA Milton Keynes. Creme de la Creme of bike parking!
Not every employer is thoughful enough to install a covered. locked, bike compound for the staff!
The three-quarters covered bike rack where I work. Although not "caged" they are not in a "public" area, and general site security has been improved in the last few months. Most of the rain is kept off, but a wet saddle is typical in heavy rain.
Yep, that's my bike on the right, with the pannier.

The uncovered, but "caged" bike racks in the centre of town for the staff that work for the county administration
(Buckinghamshire County Council). Note that three former car parking spaces now provide space for nine+ bicycles - and even in the pic shown there are seven. A few council staff also park in a secure secret underground carpark (obvoiusly covered!) that hardly anyone knows even exists. OK, so I've been down there a few dozen times, but I can't tell you where it is, or it wouldn't be a secret!

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