Friday, 16 September 2016

Bad back and a bright future

I'm off work with a bad back.
Worked Monday.
Doctor's visit on Tuesday - doctor promptly signed me off for a fortnight, gave me some codeine tablets, and booked me for physiotherapy.

To be honest, my back has been getting worse for about a month.
Now I can't even lift modest amounts of weight without pain, and my painkillers usage was becoming both continual and heavy. That and I was sleeping on a sheet of thick plywood for comfort. Think about it. When plywood is comfortable, it is time to get things sorted out properly.
So the doc signed me off.

On the bright side, though, my knee injury that had been troubling me for the last 2 1/2 months is feeling much better.

So, thinking about a bit of rehab, I'll be getting a turbo trainer in the next few days. Of course, I have to take my wife to the shop with me, because the state I'm in, I can't pick the box up without further injury to myself.
Never had a turbo trainer before - peddling away looking at my garage door never appealed to me. Give me the "real" road anytime!

However, the trainer will allow me to do short sessions as required, and I can stop and come indoors for a lie down on my plywood if I need to.

Of course, with the "wet and dark" part of the year coming up, I'm sure I will find a use for the trainer, even when I'm feeling better. 
Bound to help, if properly used, my training for next Summer's local charity sportive (yes, I really do plan 6+ months ahead - 10 months ahead in this case). 

Looks like I'll be getting a trainer with an Ant+ sensor on it, so it should sync up alright to my trusty Garmin 310xt watch, and the data from my trainer use will trickle through the normal chain to Garmin Connect, then onwards to Strava and Training Peaks.

In one way I am sad not to be training at the moment.

But in another way, despite discussing the issue several times in this blog, I probably just don't give myself enough time off.

Train smarter, not just harder, I tell all of you.
Then I train harder, not smarter myself (!)
So, I find myself on an enforced "rest" at the moment, but planning for the future!

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