Friday, 2 September 2016

Weight and Seasonable Variation

How do my attempts to lose a bit of weight tie in with the Seasons?
A bit of a rise in early June seems to be a feature!
(it involves a holiday and takeaway food!)
2015 data shown in blue, with 2016 data overlaid on the same graph.
The 2016 line starts at the weight where the 2015 data stops (obviously!)

We all tend to go up and down a bit in weight over the year.
It may be that we "go a bit mad" at Christmas, or it maybe that we run less in the Summer because it is too hot (or run less in the Winter because of snowfall!).
By noticing these year-on-year patterns, we can reassure ourselves that the extra weight we gain on holiday isn't a problem as long as it comes off later in the year.

Trying to stay just a little below "last year's line" can be a target/incentive too.
Looking at the graph above, I should maybe aim for about 80kg (176 lbs) by Christmas 2016.

The big picture is that I am already at a more "sensible" weight than I have been for some years, and the red line on the graph is very much a measure of how well I am doing at keeping the weight off.

As I have mentioned before, my data is never a straight line (!), and it is often a case of 2 steps forwards, 1 step back. Sometimes 2 steps forwards, 2 steps back for a while.

But, we all have to try and just stick to it.
Because we know the results will be worth it!

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