Monday, 30 January 2017

I Went Quiet - What I Have Been Up To?

I've mostly been writing on my my sports-orientated blog.
That andd I fell off my bike, breaking my shoulder blade/

So here is a little list of article there, in case you are interested:

A running footpod (clips onto you running shoes to measure cadence)
Compatability worries about Ant+ sports tech?
The relative importance of power and aerodynamics in cycling
Review of my (cycling) turbo trainer
Four cheap ways to lose weight from your bicycle
Fitting short - really short - cranks to my bike
My favourite Training Peaks features
Training tips, with the case study of a real 100km (62 mile) ride
Why I don't own a "proper" road bike
My 2017 training plan, and training tips
Issues with chainline
My big bike crash (I broke my shoulder blade)
The importance of "rest" days
Editing activities in Training Peaks
Setting custom zones in Training Peaks
A review of my cycling year - 2016
My progress since the crash

So I've been quite busy, really!

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