Tuesday, 31 January 2017

To Voucher Or Not To Voucher - That Is The Question

I got an email yesterday.
Decathlon reminding me that I have a voucher that is about to expire.
Given that today is the last day of the month, I guess the exoiry date will be today!

Whether to redeem or not?

Question 1: Trust.
This is always the biggie for dealing with folks and companies!
What do I think of Decathlon?
Do I think they sell great stuff, or junk?

Answer 1: I trust Decathlon

I bought my current bike from Decathlon back in the Spring, and I am delighted with it.
I am delighted with my Hoprider bicycle from Decathlon,
especially after I made a few slight changes,
such as the saddle and the bars
As a general-purpose all-rounder it is hard to beat, with its front dynamo and rear carrier, as well as a basic design that can be cheaply modified for a bit of amateur sport (like the local charity sportive, in which I passed hundreds of "proper" road bikes). OK, so I changed the saddle and the bars, because I am a fusspot about such things, and since I am 52, my prostate might not be all it was!

Saddles are very much an individual preference.
At 52 years old, I choose something I like,
rather than something fashionable!
I have ridden a number of "metric century" (100km, 62 mile) rides on this bike without any concerns, such as my local charity sportive (see pic below)

I also purchased my cycle jersey from Decathlon, and the little bar bag with a clear top shown in the picture. I am delighted with both!

Heading out for the local charity sportive on my Decathlon bike (slightly modified),
wearing my Decathlon jersey, and sporting my Decathlon bar bag just behind the handlebars.
And, yes, I did swap out the front dynamo wheel for a "regular" wheel for the event!
And, yes, the dynamo wheel did go back on the front once the days started getting a bit short.
And if that wasn't enough, our daughter also has a Decathlon bike, and she like the slightly avant-garde styling of hers.

Question 2: Pricing

These days almost everyone has to watch the pennies a little.
Additionally, being a family man I have folks to think about other than myself.
A voucher offering a modest reduction off something way above my price range wouldn't be that useful! (Indeed, it is a common marketing practice to overprice things, then offer a "discount" to get yu to pay more than you wanted in the first place!)
So how does Decathlon do for pricing?

Answer 2: Pricing is fine
I love this jersey from Decathlon!
It is equivalent to a 500 range jersey.
Decathlon have a wide variety of standards of equipment.
For cycling, their range mainly consists of the 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900 ranges, with a number like 320 having a higher spec than a 300, but generally a 500 would be better (and more expensive!).
Not all numbers are available in all items - for example, bike seem to run from 100 to 700, but clothing runs from 300 to 900!
Decathlon have some excellent sales from time to time, so you might get something pretty decent for a very modest price.
Both the bikes mentioned above are 300-range items,
So what is my jersey (in the pic above)?
Well, it was "double reduced" in a sale, so you can't get them anymore ;-)
It is a "5" jersey, which is an older version of the 500-series currently sold.
(no link, because it is out of production!)
The 300 long sleeve jersey only has a half-zip, and I wanted a full length zip.
This "5" fits my desires nicely.
Great in every way except that I have rather small wrists for my height, and the cuffs were a bit loose, so I got my wife to put a little tuck in the cuff. Perfect. And it was only about 7 or 8 quid (about 10 dollars, similar in Euros - the currencies are a bit all over the place at the moment!)

Question 3: Practicality of voucher redemption.

Answer 3: No Decathlon store in my town.
There is a Decathlon store in Oxford.
There is a Decathlon store in Milton Keynes.
The voucher is for 5 pounds (about $6 or 6 Euros)
It would cost me at least the value of the voucher to get to either of my two closest Decathlon stores!

Question 4: What about mail order / online shopping?

Answer 4: Delivery is £3.99.
So four pounds then.
The £5 voucher thus has a real value to me of £1, not £5
A pound is a pound, but only worth it if I want something anyway!

Question 5: Did I redeem the voucher?

Answer 5: Watch this space :-)

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