Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Fixing the bike after the Crash

Hmm. These were "North Road"-style bars.
But the left side has been bent in the crash.
The lower side has been bent in the crash.

Hoppy escaped the crash pretty lightly - indeed a badly bent handlebar seems to be the extent of the damage.
But I can't ride like that, so a bit of repair is in order!

My "parts box" shows I have four handlebars to choose from.
The "original", that came with Hoppy, is the second one down.
But I like more curve and less width
(The third one down is the one that came with Mermaid, which I changed for the bars that later appeared on Hoppy, and got bent in the crash)

What about these "taller" bars?
Originally from my Italian folding bike, they will give a more upright riding position.
This is just a "prototype" shot - as you can see I was working until it was after dark.
Grips seem a bit too long for the shorter section before the bend, though, especially with the
twistgrip shifters.
The shorter grips from my parts box work better on the shorter bar.
Clearly "good enough", because this picture is from the second half of my 40 mile trip to High Wycombe hospital and back.
The shorter grips it is, then!

A shot of Hoppy, sporting the new bars, coming back from a physiothera[y appointment at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Rear view of the bars.
The higher riding position means that I sit more upright on the bike.
Lousy aero, though :-)
With my left shoulder still healing, taking the weight off my arms helps a LOT.
And the extra wind resistance will make a good bit of training!

The family bikes.
As you can seee, Hoppy's new, taller, bars, aren't that far off the bike on the left.
the "workhorse" is, of course, the bike with panniers and a steel basket in the middle!

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