Monday, 26 March 2012

Going Dutch

A box arrived for me from Holland last week.
A big box.
It contained three tyres, a saddle, and a rear luggage rack.

"Bit far to come for just that!", you might think.

So, try and find a Steco rear luggage rack with built-in rear wheel stand in the UK.
The tyres were all Marathon Plus brand, and the saddle was a Selle Royal model.

There seems to be a high initial cost for shipping, followed by a very small increase for each extra item: adding the rack/stand and the saddle worked out as 20 Euros in shippning, but adding three tyres only added another 6 Euros.

Of course, with the stuff moving from one EU country to another (Holland to Great Britain), there were no further complications to deal with, such as import duties etc. etc.

more, and pictures to follow


  1. Who did you order the Seco rear luggage rack from?

  2. The Steco rack (with built-in rear wheel stand) came from Dutch Bike Bits, as did the rest of the shipment., then you need to select the dropdown option for the rack with a stand.
    Took about a week for the order to be shipped, then about another week for it to arrive (Netherlands to UK)

    Be aware that the rack is made of thick tubing, so some clip-on panniers won't fit over it (such as our favourite, the Bike Bins, reviewed elsewhere).

    The Steco rack also has an odd fit, and would suit a bike with a tall seat tube - it will only fit on my wife's 17" frame if I make up an adapter to bridge the gap from the front of the rack to the rack mount on her bike (between the seat stays).

    But, despite all that, it looks very good and strong!