Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fixing a broken spoke

The picture tutorial below covers the "non-drive" side on a hub gear.
As most folks seem to ride derailleur-equipped bikes, and apparently like to break spokes on the "drive" side, the additional step of removing the set of rear gears will usually be required.
I have covered selecting the right tool for YOUR gearset elsewhere.
You may also have trouble finding short enough spokes for a little folder like my Cinzi shown here.
I got the new spoke shown in the pictures from SJS.

Oh dear. A broken spoke.
1. the broken spoke comes out easily

2. bending the new spoke to get the right pattern
3. the right pattern has been achieved

4. adding the new spoke nipple

5. screwing the spoke nipple on
6. tightening up the new spoke with a spoke key

7. put the rim tape back on, and that's it done!

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