Sunday, 8 April 2012

Where have all the cotters gone?

What is it with cotter pins?

I went to my local bike shop to get a pair for my Cinzia folding bike, only to be told that they are out of stock,
and their supplier is out of stock as well, and awaiting further supplies.

So I pedal to the local branch of a well known chain of stores (that deal in car parts/ accessories and sell bikes and accessories too), only to be told that they don't stock them, and my best best is the local bike shop I have already tried (without success).

Am I really the only person in my town (of c. 60,000 people) that has a bike that takes cotter pins for the cranks? Surely not everyone has modern cotterless cranks? Or do they?

SJS Cycles have cotter pins in stock, but the shipping charge is considerable more than the cost of the pins (they aren't very dear!!!).
I got mine from SJS as part of a larger order, so the postage costs don't seem so bad :-)

"Classic" bike ownership sure builds "character"!

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