Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Basket Case

Get a basket.
No, really,
Get a basket for your bike.
Never mind cool.
They are just SO practical.

You can get something heavy duty like Anna's Basil Boston XL, or you can just get a supermarket "cheapie" for a tenner (c. 15 dollars, 12 euro) like on my bike.
Either way, like I said before, they are just SO practical.
You can also view both of our baskets here - just scroll down a bit to get to the other pics!

I saw a couple of bikes outside a local supermarket last week - one was an old BSA Granada - probably 40 years old. The other was a modern Giant bike. Both were "ladies" models.
Know what else they had in common?
They both had baskets!
- the BSA had a basket atteched to the rear carrier AND a "supermarket cheapie" basket attached to the handlebars.
- the Giant had a removable front basket that looked a bit more upmarket than the "supermarket" offerings.

So, stop making excuses and get a basket!
We have decided to stick to metal baskets in our family - our bikes occasionally get dropped (or knocked over), and we feel that metal mesh is more durable than the somewhat more stylish wicker baskets - but that's just our view - lots of folks have wicker baskets and manage very well!

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