Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cargo Bikes in the Boston Area !

Want a cargo bike in Massachusetts?

I quote Bicycle Belle (yep, it's a great name!)
"We're getting 12 bakfietsen. 10 long and 2 short. We have 5 FR8's coming, and 9 GR8's and a special order Opafiets. It was hard for us to predict what the market is/ will be, so we perhaps were a little cautious on the FR8's and GR8's. Unlike the Bakfietsen, those can actually be shipped on pallets, so if all else fails, we can get more mid-year."

Ffor those not familiar with Dutch bicycle names:

  • a bakfiets is a cargo bike with a load platform (sometimes even a cabin for kids) at the front - it looks like a bike with an extra bit between the handlebars and the front wheel, which is moved quite a distance forwards.
  • the FR8 (pronounce it like "text" speak - it comes out in Dutch meaning the same thing!) looks like a ladies bike (it is officially unisex, honest), and is big and heavy, and is rated for a total load of rider and cargo of 250kg
  • the GR8 also looks a bit like a normal ladies bike, but is stronger, has a decent rear carrier, and can have a decent front carrier fitted too. It is lighter and smaller than the FR8, and is rated for a total (rider plus cargo) of 200kg.
  • Opafiets means "grandpa bike", and is a sturdily built, old-fashioned men's roadster

Useful bikes for carry significant loads, or for the "plus" sized rider. The bakfiets are MUCH longer than a normal bike, so are perhaps a "specialist" purchase, but the FR8, GR8 and the Opafiets are just bikes built for practicality and strength rather than "fashion" - so don't expect fancy graphics and a load of this week's "buzz words" in the specifications list.

To get those numbers on load carrying ability into perspective, the Kona MinUte (a similar sized "cargo" bike to the FR8, from a "big name" company) is only rated at about 140kg (for rider and load), while the FR8 is rated at 250kg, and the smaller GR8 is rated at 200kg!

So these are tough bikes for heavy-duty use!


Bicycle Belle can be reached on 617-661-0969
They are located at:
368 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BicycleBelleBoston
web: http://bicyclebelleboston.com/

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