Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It fits in the back

My folding bike fits in the back of our car (automobile),
even with a Steco front rack and a basket fitted.

As regular readers will know, I ride a folding bike.
Today I was due to take our car (automobile) to the local dealer's service workshop for its MOT (annual safety test).
The dealer's is quite close to the centre of town, and near the shops (stores).
So I thought I would take my bike, and, while the car (automobile) was at the dealer's, cycle to the supermarket to get some milk and bread and see what else they have that takes my fancy.

All closed up, with the rear door down.
My folding bike inside the rear of our car (automobile)

The bike folds up and goes in the back, even with the Steco front rack and basket still in place (and the seat post still up).
That's the sort of thing you can do with a folding bike that you just can't do with a "regular" bike!
Later, after the garage had done the appropriate testing and checking, and done a little rework on the car, I cycled down to the dealer's, folded the bike in the back again, and drove home.

I got the bike 20-odd years ago, when I changed from an estate car (station wagon / combi) to a much smaller "city car". I used to be able to get a regular bike in the back of that big car (took one to France on holiday in the back, because if you strap it to the top or the back of a motor vehicle, it makes it longer or taller, and in both cases the ferry company wants more money for the fare!)
My little folder fitted nicely in the back of that smaller car - OK, so I had to fold it, but that is quicker than taking both the wheels off!

Now we have a boxy car that is a bit bigger. It is not the most stylish, but it is good for moving "boxy" things - like several suitcases, or a mid-size telescope and all our junk when we go on holiday (yep, we lugged a 120mm (4.75 inch) telescope 300 miles to visit my father, then lugged it back again).

But our car is short and tall, so a "regular" bike will go in, (see the report on out "multi-modal" trip to Oxford), but not if you want to carry three people at the same time - with my folder, the car can carry the bike and FIVE people (or four "plus-size" folks!)

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