Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A new-fashioned, old-fashioned, bike

I have come across an interesting bike that I though I would share with you.
Steel frame, naturally (Reynolds 525).
Carbon forks - hmm, maybe, maybe not.
2x9 Sora gearing, with Sora 3400 series front and rear derailleurs and shifters.
Weighs 12.8 kg (that's just over 28 pounds).

A fine enough specced bike, but nothing that special so far.
Until we get to the price.
Just £400 (US $680, about 500 Euros).
For that money, you usually get entry level stuff, like Shimano Claris, not Sora.
You get an alloy frame in that price range, not Reynolds steel.


So what is this machine, and where can you get one?

It's the Revolution Audax, currently on sale from the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative.

Always wanted steel, but always had to settle for alloy?
Now's your chance!

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