Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Union 4268 headlight update / Axa Pico 30 alternative

Axa Pico 30 headlight
(photo copyright Axa Stenman,
the owners of the Axa bicycle brand)
Union 4268 headlight
(photo copyright Marwi,
the owners of the Union brand)
When I was riding my folding bike, I had a Union 4268 35 lux headlight, with an automatic switch on it.

I got it from Dutch Bike Bits, and I notice that they no longer sell that item.

An excellent alternative would be the Axa Pico 30, reviewed here, which is a 30 lux headlight.

The Axa light is available from a variety of suppliers, but not, as yet, Dutch Bike Bits.

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