Sunday, 8 June 2014

My last big training ride before the BHF London to Brighton

Flame all kitted out. Tools etc. in one pannier,
Food and drink in the other.

Looking relaxed BEFORE the ride

Folks pay good money for old houses with slopey walls!
This is Aston Clinton

10.9 km in, and I'm at the top of the hill - Strava calls this one as a
Category 4 climb, as I have just climbed 122m in the last 1.7km
for an average slope of 7%, but as you can see from the sign,
the county engineers think it peaks at a 13% climb.

Choices, choices. I chose the one at the back!

22 km in, and I'm crossing the A41 after going through
the side of Wiggington.
About 23 km in, and I'm going along the canal towpath.
Some bits are a bit squelchy.
Good job Flame has mudguards(fenders)
24km, and I pass under the Tring to Tring Station road, still
on the canal route.

It's a nice day, but this was the only canoeist I saw.
His dog was running along the towpath, keeping up!
Off the canal towpath, and back onto the roads.
I've reached about 25.3 km.
Watch out for the horses!
(This one is rather weathered)
Oldie house near Tring - that chimney look Elizabethan-ish to me!
27 km done so far.

Bike at a gate :-)

Back up into Wigginton - and my, that is quite a hill!

After 31km, a sign of bucolic village life.
The little sports car is a Triumph TR6.
Don't see many of those about nowadays.

Back to St Leonards at 36 km

Down the hill, then back up and turn into Wendover Woods.
You get a nice view from up here!
(about 43.8 km done)

Home at last.
Bike's in the garage.
60.2km done and dusted.
the Strava route map and elevation profile.
the best hill is always the last one (downhill)
that goes home!

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