Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I'm riding the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride again

Application made, entry fee paid, confirmation e-mail received.

I'm riding the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride again.

Last year I rode as part of a team of work colleagues on cargo bikes, but this year we are having trouble getting the bikes (they are due to be shipped to Africa), but, hey, I'm doing it anyway, and if I can't get a Pashley Mailstar, I'll take Mermaid instead.

Anyway, I've been doing some training already.
Last year I only did training "on the bike", but this year I am doing a bit of running too.
A few days ago I ran (slowly!) my first 5K for at least 15 years!

Train early, I say, because a lot of things will "crop up" later.
A great deal of success is in the preparation :-)

Anyway, you can follow my training progress on Strava, as well as on this blog.

I've clocked up 40 km of running this month, and I'd like to hit that every month until the "big day" (June 21st).
Looks like I will just pass 250 km on the bike, and I see this as a minimum per month.

Training Targets
Really, I'd like to push the running up to 50km a month from February onwards, including at least one 10K run a month.
I'd like to get in at least one 50km ride in March, at least one 60 km ride in April, and at least one 70 km ride in May. The "real thing" will be more like 90 km (!)
I guess I'd like to get in at least 250km for February, with 500m climbed, with 300km for March, with 750m climbed, 400km for April with 1000m climbed, and 500km for May with 1500m climbed.

So sumarising that:
                   Run      Cycle      Climb
February     50/10   250         500
March         50/10   300/50    750
April           50/10   400/60  1000
May            50/10   500/70  1500

So lets see how we get on :-)

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