Sunday, 3 May 2015

ALDI bike special today.

Another bike event from ALDI.
I think I might pop down and get a few more of those cans of tyre repair spray.
There are panniers and other stuff, too, but I have plenty of panniers already!
(5 sets and a "single"). Must write a "comparitive" review on them ALL soon!
They have jackets, and shorts and lights and helmets and allsorts, as well!


Update 4th May 2015:
they didn't have any of the tyre foam cans in my local store, and I didn't fancy a CO2 kit (with three (iirc)  cannisters - so I just bought a couple of colourful cables locks (one pink, one orange, with keys ends to match!), and a pair of running socks.
The Aldi panniers are pretty good for the price, but ... I already have a pair, as well as several other sets of variously shaped panniers (mentioned above!).
Of course, I cycled to the store! - driving to a cycle store is not very eco-friendly!

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