Friday, 22 May 2015

Mid-May Weight and training update

It is going to be in two parts, due to time pressures :-)
For now, a quick graphic of how the weight loss is getting on - I have "smoothed" the data using the "90% yesterday's smoothed figure + 10% of today's new, raw, figure" method outlined in The Hacker's Diet, and brought to my attention by Camelin Caine.
The "smoothing doesn't affect the "underlying" picture much - indeed. the raw data shows a slightly GREATER weight loss for the last week or so!
Yep, I'm still losing weight!
About 6 kg (13 lbs) since January 1st!

If you want to see what the "raw" data looks like, I have already published all but the last three weeks worth here (the "raw" data is the "blue" line on the graphic there, with the "green" line being a 3-day average)

On the "training" side of things, I suppose the "big" news is that I purchased a Garmin 310XT watch.

big box, small watch

what's in the box - watch + HRM belt

Pedalling along ...
HRM of 159 bpm!
Must be a hill!
So why did I get a GPS watch, rather than a GPS bike computer?
  1. I find running to be a quick, convenient "top-up" to my cycling - and GPS bike computers (e.g. the Garmin Edge 500) don't fit well in pockets!
  2. Since I don't have bike "rollers" or a "turbo trainer", running gives me a more intense and consistent workout than cycling, which tends to have a lot of start-stop sections due to the nature of road design and other users
  3. I can nip into a shop (or behind a bush, ahem) without having to remember to take the computer off the bike each time to keep it away from thieves
  4. I wanted a long battery life - the 310XT has a longer life than, say, the Edge 500 (claimed 20 hrs vs claimed 18 hrs) - and that battery life could be a good bit less "in real life"!
  5. The 310XT is waterproof - as in you can swim with it (it is designed for triathletes, remember!) - as I cycle a good few miles of canal path from time to time, it is nice if the device isn;t ruined if I fall in! The Edge 500 is only showerproof.
But, surely, you might say, a fancy bike computer can sync up with cadence sensors and power cranks and all that stuff, as well as an HRM belt.
Quite right too, which is why I didn't get a "regular" "runner's watch" - the 310XT is a "triathelete's watch", and, if I later decide I need other types of sensors, it will sync up to them - bike sensors, shoes sensors (running), whatever! It will even, apparently, sync up with gym machines (ANT+ compatible, obviously!), and fancy weighing scales!

The only downsides I have found are:
  1. The 310XT can only display 4 data fields, while something like the Edge 500 can display 6
  2. I have to remember to tuck my shirt cuff under the watch, otherwise I can't read all the display! (see pics above)
For training rides, I have completed two of note this month - I rode a "century" a couple of weeks ago, and I rode a hilly 60+km ride, too, with three repetitions of the biggest hill in the area.

I also got a 16km run in right at the start of the month.
More to follow!

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