Sunday, 31 May 2015

Training while away from the bike

Just got back from a week away.
No bike for a week :-(
Like most holidays space was at a premium, so it was a case of managing as best I could.
I just packed my running shoes and my new sports watch (a Garmin 310xt).

I have a "century ride" lined up for next Sunday (just 7 days time!), so I wanted to do a bit, just to keep in shape.
A bit of running won't improve my "cycling legs" much, but it WILL help me keep my heart and lungs in good condition.
I did a mixture of short running, and one serious section of running from the campsite down to the beach and back up a few times (four climb reps in total - dunno how high, but I'm guessing 50 metres plus per rep).
I'll shortly process the Garmin files, and the stats will be there for all to see.

I am not much of a runner, instead using a bit of running to support my cycling, and the running I did on holiday was a lot better training than none at all, while still giving my body a chance to recover fully before my upcoming "century".

Fancy a go at the "century" yourself (shorter routes are also available!)?
There appears to be some places left - apply here.
Or if you want to wait for the weather, just turn up on the day and pay 30 quid (subject to places remaining!)

So here is the best of the running sessions - I ran up and down a path from the cliffs to the ebach a couple of times, then round a few times around the field next to our chalet (cabin). It is notable for having the highest Max HR I have yet recorded - 182 bpm. It is fairly believable, because I have previously recorded a Max HR of 181 bpm using a "bluetooth" HRM belt and a smartphone. This time it was an Ant+ belt (Garmin) and a Garmin sports watch (310XT).
I measured a new "low" too, of just 46 bpm - must be all that stress-free sea air :-)

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