Thursday, 3 March 2016

Catching Up - New Year's Day Ride

Yes, I know it is now March.
I've been enjoying myself rather a lot and not posting enough :-(
So here is the post that should have gone out in early January ...

New Year's Day Ride - up and down Martin Dalby Way 6 times each way ...
you can see where I am by the wind turbine just visible in the top right of the picture.
It was cold, but dry.
So I dressed up warm
My Garmin 310xt buckles nicely
over my basket mount

Kitted up for the cold - hat and all

Winter cycle trousers (brushed/fleecey inside) and over shoes (also brushed/fleecey inside)

Overshoes and winter cycling trousers
Sandals and thick socks under the undershoes.
And what's that under the cycling trousers?

Merino undertrousers.

The gear all laid out: sandals, thick socks, overshoes, merino undertrousers, winter-weight cycling trousers (with seat pad)

Even more clothing for the ride. Long sleeved winter-weight cycling top, and cycling jacket.
Helmet and helmet liner (covers the ears, as you can see in one of the pics above)

Gotta take some kit, too.
Small water bottle, tyre foam,
cloth handerchief, and
mobile phone
The bottle is 300ml and has a curve so it will fit in the back
of a cycle jersey.
And, of course, winterweight cycling gloves.
And the ride itself?
It went well.
Last year I did an "adventure" ride, but this year it was a "training" ride.
So it was a warm up as I cycled out to a good piece of road, then it was up and down again and again
(6 repeats), then a cooldown as I cycled back home again.
It was about 4 degrees (38F), so it was cold, but not that cold.

Each year I like to go for a ride on January 1st.
It kind of sets the year off to a good start.
It is a habit I intend to follow for a couple of years yet!

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