Thursday, 19 February 2015

And this is supposed to be cycling?

I don't own an indoor trainer, and I don't do gym classes.
I'm much more of a fan of actually riding a "real" bike on a "real" ride.
Don't play music while I ride either.

If I want "intensity", I find a local hill, and do laps on it.
If I want "relaxed" I go slow and look at the bluebells by the roadside.

However, not everyone feels the same as me.

Some people pay good money to "play" at cycling.
Look, if you need more "intensity", whack the pretend "bike" up to a higher resistance setting, and pedal really hard - harder than you ever pedalled before.

Stop flapping your arms around.

If you want to do a bit of calisthenics, then great.
But not on a "pretend" bike.

Better still, buy/rent/borrow an "actual" bike, and ride the darned thing.
Get a bit of fresh air.
A nice headwind will soon toughen you up much more than all that "bike disco" rubbish.
Take on a hill, or two.

You're doing it for the "social" side?
Why not join a local cycling group (most areas will have a variety of groups that suit pretty much all riders, from the most sporting to a gentle ride for seniors wanting to get out a bit more).
Many rides visit a tea-shop or cafe or pub or bar on the way and/or at the end.

Just cycle.
Not play.

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