Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Right Side of the Tracks

More bike parking at the station - a good sign!
I don't usually go to the local railway station.
Today was a "rotational rest day" at work (that means I work five days from a six day pattern, with different mid-week days off on different weeks).
So I went for a quick lap round town, and I popped into the station, for a look around.

As you can see by the pic at the top of the post, there is now FOUR different types of parking!

There are:

  1. (just about visible if you look on the extreme left of the pic) a line of old-fashioned "wheelbender" racks;
  2. various blue metal hoops set into the ground
  3. the new "covered" hoops I have not seen here before
  4. the "creme de la creme" bike lockers (up against the station wall.
One assumes that if the amount of bike parking at the station is increasing, then the number of cyclists is increasing, too!

Not sure how long the new covered racks have been here, but they weren't there a couple of years ago when I made my last trip to the station.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics I took a few years ago of the "wheelbenders" and the "lockers".
They are still there, with the newer "loops" being additional, rather than replacement, facilities.

A pic I took a few years back, showing the "wheelbender" racks at the local railwaty station.
There are now quite a few of the more modern "loop" racks available, although the "wheelbenders" are still there.

The bike lockers, photographed with Mermaid to give a sense of scale, a few years ago.
They look to be the same now, and there are still 11 of them.

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