Sunday, 1 February 2015

First snow of the year

It snowed Friday night, so when I got up saturday morning, there was a bit of snow about.
Not much, really, just about an inch (2cm).
Rather soft stuff, too.
I just rode in a bit more carefully, but once I was off the minor roads and onto the main road to work, the road had been cleared and salted and it was fine. Bits in the shadows, but otherwise fine.
I know 2cm (an inch) of snow isn't much to talk about, but that is the most we have had so far this year - last year there was none that settled at all!

the bike racks at work, although fairly basic, keep the snow off my bike!
(Mermaid is the one furthest to the right)
The very modest amount of snow in Buckingham Park.
By lunchtime, though, there wasn't much snow left. Snow fell on me, then sleet, then rather cold rain. The cold rain got rid of most of the remaining snow, even though I got a bit wet and cold walking around Buckingham Park.

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