Saturday, 21 March 2015

15% off Sale upcoming at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

The good folks at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative have sent me their latest flyer.
There will be a 15% off "long weekend" next week (!)
The offer isn't listed on their website yet, so I am giving you all an exclusive "heads-up", so you can think this weekend what you might want to buy (at reduced prices) next weekend.

You can collect in store, or get it mailed to you (free postage, iirc, on orders over £20).
EBC are one of the companies I use, and I recommend them to you.
They are even a genuine "co-op" where all the regular members of staff actually OWN the company (!)

They will be closed on Monday (23rd March), except the Sheffield store, because, being a "proper" co-op, they are having an AGM, and the staff are the "owners"

So what stuff have I bought from them that I particularly like?
Well, I got my best "track pump", my mini-pump, and Mermaid's "dring-dring" bell from them, just for starters!

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