Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lidl HRM test 2 - with LG L50 (aka D213)

HRM test with LG L50 - the "dip" on the left looks a bit suspicious ...
Second test with the HRM - this time I got the LG L50 (aka D213) smartphone working for GPS.
First observation is that I only moved about 30 metres during the test, yet I am recorded as covering 1.2km (!) Not sure if it is due to "natural" GPS drift, or whether it is a characteristic of the 'phone.

As for the HRM trace itself, the only part that looks a bit suspicious is the dip near the start of the trace. I really don't think my heartbeat got down to 44 bpm!
I have recorded it (using a BP/HRM monitor from Braun) as low as 47 or 48 bpm before, but not down to 44 bpm.
The jump up to 60 bpm after that dip is due to me walking about. then I sat down again.

As I mentioned before, the "contact" strips need to be slightly moistened, and during exercise enough sweat is probably produced to keep them wet enough, but I am not sure if my essentially "static" test resulted in contact problems.
But, apart from the initial dip, the trace looks reasonable.

As I said before, perhaps not accurate enough for a clinic/hospital setting, but good enough for my amateur use to support my training!

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