Saturday, 7 March 2015

Another 5K run, and the speed is still picking up.

Bit tired this evening, after a day in Oxford.
Feet a bit sore, but hey, you know how it is:
 - if I don't go out on a dry evening, when ir is not too cold, and not too windy, then when will I go out, if at all.

So I went out.
Because there are no short cuts.

Doing my nice, slow warm-up, then a couple of laps of Zone 2 running again, adjusting my pace as necessary to keep me in the Zone, then pushing up towards the top of Zone 2 on the final climb, and round the top, and back home. Another 5.3 kilometres done.
It didn't feel that fast - just a steady pace - a bit sweaty, but a steady pace.

Then it was time to look at the Strava results.
New PRs for 1k, 1 mile, and 2 miles.

My new 2 mile time is 20:00, an improvement of 7 seconds.
My new 1 mile time is 9:39, an improvement of 16 seconds
and my new 1K time is 5.48, an improvement of 3 seconds

I wasn't expecting that!

My 5K time was DOWN by 1 minute and 14 seconds, but hey, its is the evening, and I'm tired (!)
As my best 5K time came from a 10K run, I guess I need to run another lap to "work out" the slow "warm-up" lap from my times - run about 6 or 7 km to get a "best" 5km time.

As I mentioned in my post about the 10K run I did a couple of days ago, I am not sure if what I am measuring is my increased fitness or my improved technique (running to a paced Zone system!).
But either way, it seems to be working.
Sooner or later my fitness WILL improve, even if it hasn't done so that much already.

And what has all thsi to do with cycling?
Well, I am running as "cross-training", principally to train my heart and lungs, so that when I am out cycling, I am fitter, generally, and I get less out of breath on the hills!
Running seems to me to be a time-efficient way that I can control the intensity of my training (by simply running a bit slower or faster, or even stopping, if necessary until my heart rates comes back down to the "target" region).
With cycling, it tends to be a bit start/stop/start.
IF I had an "indoor trainer", i could grind away at the "pretend" miles, and get the same workout.
But I don't have one.
Or a "rowing machine", or a "nordic ski-ing machine".
So I am training the way folks like me always have - the "old" way - pounding the streets.

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