Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dodgy advertisements

Looks like Google are fiddling about with the settings for blogsites again.
They seem to have created a new category of advert for gambling sites, which is auto-opted IN!!!
(whatever happened to "do no evil"?)
Anyway, I do have adverts on this blog, and I do try to keep them "decent, honest and fair".

I have tried to cut out all the rubbish adverts for diet pills, "nature's tricks", gambling, romance, and all that kind of stuff - I'm sure if you really wanted to see an ad for, e.g., a dating website, you would have seen it hundreds of times already on other websites, so I certainly don't need it here.
By cutting out the "garbage" ads, I hope that the content you receive is more relevant.

Yes, my advertisement policy does cost me "money" in lost click-throughs.

But I don't want to advertise anything I wouldn't want to sell myself.

If you do see any ads that are "questionable", I would appreciate it if you would let me know, and then I can update the blog's advert feed settings as appropriate.


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